This is a guest blog from Anita Awolaja. Anita is currently working at Kingston Hub (part of the Student Hubs network) and found her role through Worthwhile. At Worthwhile we work with small, innovative organisations and we asked her to reflect on her experience working for a small organisation.

1. Wearing different hats
Working for a smaller charity has meant that I have been able to have more varied roles. I have been able to gain exposure to different functional areas of the organisation from monitoring and evaluation to marketing. Having less people means that you cannot always have a person for each field of work so your roles becomes more varied to include all these different functional areas. It has been able to increase my knowledge and provide me with more skills that I know will be very useful for when I move on to another role or organisation.

2. Flexibility
I have also really enjoyed the flexibility that I have been given. I am able to customise my work week according to my needs, preferences and how I work best and in this way my organisation has been able to get the best out of me in return.

3. Scope to innovate  (little bureaucracy)
I have been able to have the autonomy to manage my own projects independently with support where needed. There isn’t as much bureaucracy, so my ideas and projects are implemented quickly. I have the opportunity to take ownership of my work and contribute to the workings of the wider organisation. I feel that my ideas are listened to and implemented where useful.

4. Really getting to know your colleagues and forming good relationships
Working for a smaller organisation has also meant that I have been able to get to know everybody that works for the organisation. We have been able to establish a friendly, fun and very collaborative atmosphere which I really appreciate  :-)