To save all hopeful Worthwhile applicants desperately googling “How to do well in a job interview HELP”, current Worthwhile grad Lizzie shares five top tips for nailing Worthwhile interviews.

TL;DR: be yourself, and the rest will follow. Oh - and talk about social action. A lot.

1.Be yourself

If you’re passionate about social impact, it will come across in your interview. Try and relax, and show your interviewer what it is about you that makes you a strong candidate for Worthwhile.Be confident that you have the drive and the commitment to pursue a career in social enterprise, and the rest will follow naturally.

2. Share your stories

When responding to interview questions make sure to use real-life examples that you’ve worked on to demonstrate your experience in the sector. Think of it as a story - what was the situation? How did you deal with it? Was there a happy ending? The more stories you can share from personal experience, the more you’ll be able to demonstrate your dedication to working in the third sector.

The mythical Worthwhile interview

3. Make sure to reflect

When telling your social impact stories, make sure to reflect - out loud! - on the outcome. Did it go well or not? What would you change next time? It’s not a bad thing to admit that something you tried didn’t work out as long as you’ve learnt from it.On the flipside, if you absolutely nailed a project, think about how you could transfer that success to other situations. If you had a huge turnout at an event, for example, what did you do to make that happen? How could you replicate it in other cases? The best graduates are constantly reflecting on their achievements and looking for ways to grow and improve, so make sure to show that process in your interview.

4. Be honest

When you’re asked about strengths and weaknesses, don’t tell the interviewer what you think they want to hear. Be honest and open about what skills you want to learn and develop, whether that’s getting better at managing your stress levels or learning to analyse - or even just understand! - an Excel spreadsheet. The Worthwhile team are there to help you develop the areas you’re less confident in and equip you with all the skills you need to make a splash in the social impact sector.

5. Ask questions

Take the opportunity to find out more about the Worthwhile programme! They have a whole range of graduate jobs in cities across the UK, and some amazing alumni. It’s a fantastic scheme to be a part of, so make the most of the chance to pick your interviewers’ brains about what it’s like to work in the social impact sector.

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Lizzie Shelmerdine is a current Worthwhile grad, placed with Oxford Hub