This is a guest blog from Anita Awolaja. Anita is a Programme Manager at Kingston Hub (part of the Student Hubs network). She stayed on at Kingston Hub after her first year as a Programme Officer, a role she found through Worthwhile.

Step 1: Really think about what you want for your future, what are you interested in? What do you like? What does your dream job/role look like? What is your dream job?

Step 2: Now that you have established your dream job, understand the skills that job requires. Look at the different job specifications out there and see what education, skills, qualification and experience is needed to do this job.

Step 3: Identify the key things that you find across all the different job specs, e.g. 4 years’ experience in project management, knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation, leadership skills and Prince II.

Step 4: Look for jobs that will give you the opportunity to gain this experience and develop the necessary skills required. So look for jobs that will give you that knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation and that will allow you to lead.

Anita (far right) enjoying a day in the office at Student Hubs

Key tip: Hardly anyone likes every single aspect of their job, so when looking, if you at least like 70–80% of it, then you are on the right path.

It is very unlikely that you will have your ‘’dream job’’ from the moment you graduate and that is perfectly fine, your career is all about development. Plus, over time, we tend to change our ideas on what we thought we wanted, so it’s always important to remain flexible.

If your dream job is in social impact, check out the Worthwhile programme for roles in small organisations working to make the world a better place. Applications are open now.